Who Is Sebastien?

I'm a free spirited, Jersey bred, 20 something, who's currently living in Atlanta. Might I add that I have an outrageous obsession with ice cream and cheese, but separately. Another love of mine has always been women. No, not the way that you're thinking. Growing up gay, black, and male wasn't easy as you could guess. Luckily, with the help of some really good (platonic) girlfriends I made it through. Combined with my passion of media birthed The Gay Bestie back in 2013.

Who Is The Gay Bestie?

There are boyfriends and then there are gay best friends. See a boyfriend provides all the romance and sex, but The Gay Bestie provides you with everything else! Lol. Seriously, this platform is all about lifestyle including love, sex, life lessons, and everything in between. Here you can expect me to touch on almost any topic bit by bit. Whether you're male, female, gay, straight, or any color of the "rainbow" everyone is deserving of "Unconditional & Uncensored" love.