"BreAk the Rules & Create The New ones." 

-Sebastien Gaudin  


Who Is Sebastien?

Like any other 20-Something trying to figure out this thing called life, I'm a combination of trials and errors. After years of getting it wrong I think I'm finally getting it right. 

Early 2016, I got laid off and made the decision to no longer leave my fate in the hands of others. No, there wasn't a dramatic blow up or tears of despair. I simply said, "Thank You" and faced the world on my own, again. 

To fully answer "Who Is Sebastien", is complex to describe while still figuring it out. I can better show you than tell you. With that said I invite you to my journey of self discovery. 






There are boyfriends and then there are gay best friends. A boyfriend provides all the romance and sex, but The Gay Bestie provides you with everything else in between! 

You know dishing out all the must know info on love, sex, and life lessons from a male perspective minus the sexual tension. Here you can expect me to touch on almost any topic bit by bit. Whether you're male, female, gay, straight, or any color of the "rainbow" everyone is deserving of"Unconditional & Uncensored" love.