OOTD: Dressed To Chill

OOTD: Dressed To Chill
Dressed To Chill

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Photographer: Terri Nash


Sometimes even I like to just keep it simple. Oppose to making an applause-worthy statement, getting cozy works just as good. This particular look I usually sport while grabbing some warm cider with a bestie or running to a quick afternoon meeting. Its cute and festive at the same time. 

There's just something about a warm sweater I love to throw on and go. I also have this one in a beige tone. Might I add both were on sale when I picked them up. Love the length and the look all together. 

This is a definite must have. Oh, and pick one up for your beau while you're at it. I swear if there were more hanging on the sale rack they would be hanging in my closet right about now. 

Normally, I don't believe in buying anything in multiple colors unless they are basic pieces I can play with. Start challenging yourself while shopping to think outside of the box and make it fun! 


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