Quit In 30 Days
Quit In 30 Days


I was the kid that quit soccer, intermediate basketball, choir, and band. Long story short as an adult I know how to quit a job. Don’t get me wrong I never applied for a job planning my escape, but I always kept in mind my long term and short term goals ahead. 


Plenty of people apply for a job and settle for the comfort it offers. I was temporarily one of those people until l got that fateful call, “The company is going in another direction.” There’s nothing wrong with comfort unless you’re one who's on a mission to accomplish set personal goals


Let’s be real the health insurance, vacation days, consistent money is nice, but how reliable is it? Once I got laid off all bets were off. I conformed and followed the rules to what society said I was suppose to and still came up short. I quickly thought to myself why not bank on me.


At the end of the day I know my work ethic better than anyone else. Why not go for it?


Yes, you’ll have your doubts and worries, but why not give it your best? Pause and really ask yourself these questions.  


For anyone contemplating ditching the conventional 9 to 5 or thinking of a career switch up it’s time to kick it into high gear and be serious about your future. While others are still fantasizing about their dreams and goals you're officially placing them into action. 






Drop the Excuses


There’s no time to back peddle and come up with a reason why you can’t do something. Its all your choice if you do or don’t. At this point you’re descending down one mountain and climbing another. Stay focused and keep growing. 


Know When To Downgrade


Material processions will be your downfall if you idolize them far too much. That means your home, apartment, car, bags, etc. Stop and think to yourself if these things are worth trading in your dreams and the life you really want. This journey is all about sacrifice and tenacity. 


Personally speaking there was never anything I’ve ever wanted more than this. Over the years my will and drive has only grown more from the trials I've endured. Anything I receive on the path to my destination is considered an extra. 


Put Pride Aside


In your most trying moments make it easier on yourself and be transparent. Tell a friend you can confide in because help is all around you. 


I have no clue where I would be today without significant helping hands during my struggles. Don’t allow the journey to be in vain. Gain strength from those who believe in you. Even if it’s from one person make every moment count. 


Walk By Faith


I’m not the most religious person, but my faith and spirituality is unmatched. I believe so deep within that God and the universe legit have my back. 


That doesn’t mean I won’t go through any hardships, but I believe I am equipped to make it through and so are you. Question is, are you ready to test your faith? 


Whether you chose to quit in 30 Day (like I did once) or in 90 Days set a deadline for yourself and stick to it. Leaping isn’t the end of the world its a start of a new opportunity. Stop worrying and start believing. Life and money aren’t promised in any situation, but there’s nothing like self-satisfaction.