The One Thing You Need To Make It

The One Thing You Need To Make It
The One Thing You Need To Make It


You opened this post looking for the answer to making it in life. That’s a fair assumption and I’m going to make it extremely easy for you to digest. 


Any person whose “made it” and sustained success literally started by committing. When I stepped into blogging back in 2013 I crashed and burned because I lacked the processes on how to really do it. This applies to you too and what you REALLY want to do. 


With less than 3 months till 2017 you’re still thinking and talking about what you’re gonna do oppose to doing it. In other words you’re wasting time. Let me get you together real quick. The more time you spend strategizing someone else is up doing it. 


I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “Talk is cheap.” Well how much have you made discussing you’re plans? 



You create the how when you do

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If you’re anything like me and most millennials you have the IKEA mindset too, where there’s a step by step processes for nearly everything. Sadly, that’s not quite the case when it comes to creating your dreams. In actuality you’re HOW (step by step process) will never be like anyone else’s. Once you really understand that you’ll be able to fully appreciate your individual process of towards your aspirations. 


The One Thing You Need To Make It


What Are You Willing To Sacrifice? 


Countless times I’ve heard people say how bad they want something, but aren’t willing to sacrifice material possessions for it. In that case you don’t want it bad enough. The desire for creating the life you want must run so deep within that it nearly drives you to a breaking point. 


I’ve lost everything in hopes of “making it,” only to get it all back by paying attention to those vital mistakes I once made. 


Fail Fast


Years ago I met a woman who told me, “You have to fu*k up.” Literally one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard. Like most I was super fearful of tarnishing my stellar record of accomplishments. 


You have to stop being so afraid of failure that you refrain from making your next move. 



Settling for the life you don’t want is failure in its own right. 

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Ignore Distractions


In one day we have to deal with social media, OPP (other people’s problems) , phone calls, and vices, but you’re going to have to be strategic with your time. Until you’re intentional with it you’ll never master maximizing it. 


Stop Talking


People want to see what you're doing not hear about it. There is nothing more disappointing than a talker. Overtime your words lose value and credibility. 


Be the person others look to as a doer. 



  • Your how will never be like anyone else’s

  • 10% talk & 90% doing

  • F*$k up & Get Back Up

  • Have you sacrificed enough?