Do You Suck At Life?
Do You Suck At Life?

Ever had that moment and thought, “Why do I suck at life?” If you answer is YES then we’re more alike than you think. 


It's human nature to skim through social media and compare. How many times have you scrolled and saw people getting engaged, having babies, job promotions, and my number one confidence killer traveling the world?


I’m guilty too, especially in the past. 


Social media is primarily our individual highlight reels. The snapshots you see into someone’s life online doesn’t equate to the other 22 hours of their day. If I’m really keeping it funky, outside of my weekly vlog on YouTube my online image is strategically structured to display the perception I want to offer. In essence, it’s still a part of who I am, but only what I want to share.


For the record, you don’t really suck at life. You’re simply on your individual path. Spend more time focusing on your personal journey than those you swipe pass online.




Confession: I use to compare my personal success to Beyonce, Oprah, Chris Brown, and Karen Civil. I would think to myself “how far behind” I was compared to them. My first mistake was comparing. 


Once you focus more on yourself the quicker you can take yourself to the next level. Use their successes as motivation to propel yourself forward. 



Another Person Shining Doesn’t Cause Your Light To Dim.

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In actuality, everyone is working on their individual “success story.” Yours has its own authentic start, climax, and tribulations. 


Now on the other side of my twenties, I’ve learned to appreciate all my previous shortcomings. Without those experiences, I would not have learned to survive and thrive today. Keep in mind the struggles from my past cannot be found on my “highlight reel,” but yet still shared in their own authentic way. 

Do You Suck At Life?


How To Suck Less 


Stop Comparing


It’ll take some time, but it's doable. Try applauding others in their process. Whenever someone around me is winning feel the sense of happiness from within. Their winning is proof that dreams are attainable.


Scarcity is a mental trait. Refrain from falling victim to jealousy. The thought alone isn't worth the trouble. 



Start Appreciating


Look around and see how far you’ve come. Take that one special moment and put the hustle on pause. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in getting to the goal that we haven’t really given ourselves the opportunity of show appreciation to advancement. 


Doing this will give you both encouragement and humility for what you’ve already accomplished. 



Count Your Blessings


Years ago I came across a video of Karen Civil sharing a major tip. She advised to literally jotting down your blessings on a sticky and place it in a jar. At the end of the year then go back and count all those accomplishments. 


I for one use to run to my journal and write down all my problems, but rarely my accomplishments. Over the years I’ve decided to switch it up and practice the “counting my blessings” method and its super helpful. Granted I haven’t perfected it, but who isn’t a work in progress?