5 Ways To Make Your Blog Standout With Video

5 Ways To Make Your Blog Standout With Video
5 Ways To Make Your Blog Standout With Video

Chances are you’re active on social media and stumbled across a few viral videos, tutorials, or fashionable lookbooks that made you wonder, “How did they do that?”


Let me be the one to confirm it. You can! 


When I started blogging 3 years ago I knew I wanted to incorporate video someway or somehow. Back then I had the fab idea of creating a launch video expecting it to go viral. Although the video was impressive it never hit viral status how I expected. At the time I had no plan of making follow up visuals, which added to my blogging demise the first go round. I started to question myself from every angle. 


Is my username enough?

How do I get people to remember me?

Am I cut out for blogging? 


The answer is quite simple, you have to entice your reader/viewer with consistent quality. Bloggers like Mattie James of Mattieologie.com and YouTube sensation Raven Elyse (who just launched her own blog RavenElyseTV.com) are highly consistent with their material. Keep in mind the content you produce is not for you but in service to your reader. 


Tea Time: Does Size Really Matter


As of this year, I recharged after losing my job and came back with a vengeance in the blogging game. My following is nowhere near some, but I make the conscious effort to offer up quality in whatever I deliver. You must incorporate the same so save the excuses. 


You’re not Beyonce so get comfortable with being ignored or passed on likes. It can be a tough reality, but focus on being so good that soon enough they cannot ignore you. Content creators commonly make the mistake of wanting instant gratification, but it's a journey. What you have to do is make the decision to start now. 


Video is sweeping the internet and starting a traditional blog is slowly becoming a thing of the past. In essence start thinking outside the box. By the year 2020, 80% of the content online will be in video form to engage readers. 


Hence why all my outfit post are not the traditional photo shoot, but a video paired with only one photo to showcase my ensemble.



Style Videos


We're all familiar with youtube lookbooks, but let's be honest that’s a lot of content mashed up into one video. I took it upon myself to think outside the box and break up the material. I shoot my videos in effort to resemble commercials for brands, while keeping my readers attention on the blog and on social media. 


***Think of cool ways to get your readers involved and wanting to return again.***


Special Tips


We’re all an expert in something whether it be fashion, life, cooking, or even sex. Think of a hashtag you can incorporate for readers/viewers to find you. (Mine are #TheGayBestie or #BestieTip)


Everything has been done before, but no one has done it like you! 




Get some products you use as conversation starters for you followers to engage with you. For example, you may have a favorite lotion or brand of watch. Tell your audience and let them know why. We all know the holiday season is here and shopping can be hard. Find a solution to be of service to your audience and put it in video



Facts About You


Since you're all walking, talking, and breathing brands you're gonna have to start sharing things about yourself. People have a short attention span so make it quick and simple. 


#BesteTip: Always remember less is more. If there's something you're not comfortable discussing then don't mention it to your audience. 




Create or participate in a viral challenge, which can get you views or more followers. When participating in a challenge bring forth your personality and something original for people to remember you. This can be a hat, a signature color, or particular garment.  


People can be a little fickle at first sight, but offering substance will get them to return even if they never click follow or subscribe. Ignore that and focus more on your greatness. 





  • 80% of the internet will be video by 2020


  • When using video follow up with more video content 


  • Think outside the box to keep yourself remembered


  • Be creative in however you introduce video content