7 Ways To Survive Adulting

7 Ways To Survive Adulting
7 Ways To Survive Adulting

If the twenties have taught us anything so far it’s definitely adulting sucks major balls. Back in the day they use to make it sound so simple. You know the story:




1.) Go To College. 


2.) Find A Partner. 


3.) Land The Dream Job. 


4.) Get Married. 


5.) Buy A Home 


6.) Have A Boy & A Girl  


Then live happily ever after all by 30. 




This is not how it goes at all. See there’s this minor thing called life that happens to intervene. Other know as, “sh*t happens.” 


With three years shy of 30 I’m a little confident in how I can help you start taking full advantage of your twenties. No matter what phase you’re in you can still apply these functional & attainable tasks. Promise. 


7 Ways To Survive Adulting



1.) Save Money


I wish someone would have sent a PSA for this one sooner. After college, I was super confident in landing my dream job that saving my coins wasn’t the main priority. Be smarter than me and save as much as possible. 


Know all your expenses and your financial obligation. There is no need to live outside your means trying to keep up with “The Jones.” Oh, and credit cards aren’t the answer either. 


STORYTIME: Broke On Vacation  


2.) Break Up Your Routine


The mundane routine of life can be super daunting, but it's your obligation to switch things up. Especially if you’re single with no kids this is your time to live it up. Make an excuse to get out the house. Go to brunch. Go to a movie. Go pamper yourself. Literally, do what you want within your means of course.   


3.) Get A New Hobby


Take a class out of your norm or start something you’ve been putting off. For example, I’ve taken painting classes, writing classes, and an improv class post-college. Although you might have completed traditional education it doesn’t mean you stop learning.

Advance yourself as much as you can and stay curious. In the end, this will get you ahead. 


4.) Risk It All


Roll the dice and take the risk. So many of us have settled for jobs we hate. We’re way too young to stop dreaming. Start planning and preparing for the life you really want. Save wisely and make to necessary moves to where you want to be. 

No, the situation WILL NOT be perfect, but when you get your opening take it and dive into it. Prepare to hit the ground, but it won’t be the end of the world. 


The Reward Is On The Other Side of The Risk. 

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5.) Stay Active


The days of skipping gym class are officially over, but you have to keep your body moving. There are literally gym specials all year round or splurge and get a personal trainer off Instagram. If the funds aren’t in your budget incorporate walks around your neighborhood in your schedule. 


You don’t want to end up paying the price later with your physical health. As we get older your wealth is really in the value of your health. Hence why insurance companies make a killing off Americans with preconceived conditions. Be extremely wise in what you eat, where you go, and of course, who you sleep with. 


6.) Travel Often


I’ll never forget booking my trip to Europe in summer 2014 for winter 2015. That was literally the best decision I made that year. I saved and a friend approached me to make the dream a reality. Then that fateful day came. In one year I went to 5 different countries. The places my ancestors only dreamt of was my actual life. 


I remember feeling so honored and humbled for the opportunity. Not many get to opportunity to experience the joys of traveling abroad. If you can consume the dream then you make it happen. 


Save and work towards the goal. 



7.) Learn To Love Yourself


Last, but certainly not least. Learn to set your own standards of how you should be respected. People will try you, but it’s up to you to always set the record straight. Along the way, you may lose from friends and loved one’s, but you gain so much more by loving yourself. 


All in all, life is essentially whatever you make it. Take it from me if there anything I could switch around without a doubt I would. 


In Life, You Always Get the Test Before The Lesson. 

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