3 Ways To Prep For 2017
3 Ways To Prep For 2017

With less than 20 days left till 2017, I’m sure you’re wondering what your New Years Resolution will be. Although time is winding down there's nothing to worry about just yet. Pull up a seat and start jotting some of those thoughts down. Who says you can only have one? 


I for one started my list since October if we’re being real! 


In 2015 I wrote down my dreams for this year and it all actually came true. I wrote them in the effort to get the thought out of my mind and had no clue it would all unfold. It didn’t happen how I thought it would have, but it still happened. 


Pull inspiration from those around and those you look up to. Keep in mind instant gratification isn’t guaranteed. This new year can very well be the start of your next ten-year journey, but that shouldn’t scare you if you really want it. 


Let’s start with whatever isn’t serving you anymore. This means toxic relationships, friendships, or a plain job that’s running you dry. Ending any relationship isn’t easy but at times it's necessary. 


When I made the decision to coming out I was ready to release any friend or family member who wasn’t willing to at least respect me for who I was. This was in no disrespect to them, but more in respect for myself. 


Life Is Too Short To Live On Anyone Else’s Terms

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3 Ways To Prep For 2017

Yes, it can be hard, but would you rather be stifled or happy?


Beyonce said it best, “My aspiration in life would be… to be happy.” Happiness is our true definitive answer to how successful we are. 


My days in corporate America had me feeling like a pure failure and a sellout. Being a creative I’m sure you can relate too. There I was clocking in as any other number in a huge company that wasn’t using me for skills and abilities. Although I was making a substantial income I was miserable. 


This is your moment to really do something for yourself. Embrace being selfish. Believe it or not, but there are acceptable moments where you should be. Creating the life you want takes time and a lot of effort. You deserve it if you’re willing to work for it. 


3 Keys… 


Live Unapologetically


It's time to CUT IT. There’s no need to apologize in 2017. Give your loved ones the heads up that this year is all about you. You’re gonna need to seriously plant your seeds in the right soil. This means you gonna have to pay up in both attention and time


Trust I know this from first-hand experience. This year I haven’t been the best bestie, but my friends were given the heads up after I got the call that I loss my job. From that moment I started really nourishing the soil I planted TheGayBestie back in 2013.


Be Clear On Direction


Decide now exactly how you want to end 2017. Yes, I said end. This will give you clarity in how to start your journey. Many times we take life as we go, but not this time. Mark the important dates in your calendar now to avoid hitting any “unexpected” speed bumps. 


As a content creator, I run a website, podcast, and youtube channel. It may look easy, but it takes planning with an editorial calendar and proper execution. I formulate a weekly process alongside a master list to keep me accountable of all my task. 


Prepare To Receive it


Know that the goal is yours before you even have it. I know it may sound a little crazy, but if you don't believe in it now the road will only be that much harder. Worry less about the how and just start doing. Little before you know it you’ll be on the way to where you want to be. 


I’m sure you’ve heard of visualization. Start picturing yourself doing all the things you’ve ever dreamt of or fantasied about. This means write your acceptance speech now, act like you’re driving your dream car now, repeat positive mantras to keep you in good spirits now. 


Remember thoughts will always become things whether good or bad.