I've always had an infatuation with New Years! 

Maybe it was the lights, the glamor, or the fact that my parents would host a gathering every year at home. Our extended family would come over and we'd eat the traditional Haitian soup.

Truthfully, speaking I couldn't wait to grow up and stand in the center of Time Square and watch the ball drop counting down with the rest of the world. This time of year represents the one solid moment where we all can agree. There's no discussion of politics, religion, orientation, or whatever divides us as people. We unite and simply appreciate the moment for what it is. 

Now that I'm older I've been able to check a few New Years dreams off my list including standing in the center of Time Square. Let's just say it was a one-time thing for me. 

Shopping for the right outfit can be a task, but I look it at as playing dress up. Peruse through any current trends and most importantly make them your own. It's imperative to always bring your personality to any ensemble. 


Wear The Outfit, Don't Let It Wear You 

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Personally, I'm not one for the black tie look only because I love to bring my own flare to whatever I'm wearing. This oxblood blazer just gives me so much life. Major key the suede texture has returned with a vengeance so if you're late to this party get on it! 

Above all things let me be the first to say...