Mastering Your To Do List
Mastering Your To Do List

Checking off COMPLETE is one the most rewarding feelings, if you’re anything like me. Literally Monday through Friday I’m running off of my “Master To Do List” in hopes of conquering the week. At one point I was the Post-It Addict similar to Mary Jane of Being Mary Jane, and then got hip to the game of prioritizing and structuring my obligations. 


I’ve had countless moments scrambling in hopes of finding that one Post-It. You know the one with the chicken scratch jotted down only to never find it again. 


Quickly, I had to learn to stay on top of my sh*t. 


Your current organizational habits are a reflection of your life.

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Get Structured  


Pick a relaxing day out of the week and set the needed time aside. Sunday evenings after dinner are usually the most selected. Pop a squat and jot down your main obligations like grocery shopping, laundry, writing content, or scheduling a shoot. If you have duties for the entire month write them down. DO IT.


This is the creation of your Master To Do List. I encourage making multiple copies as reminders. Place them in spots that you frequent around the house like: the refrigerator door, the dry erase board in the office, or the note app on your phone. 


I absolutely suck on the note app. Call me old school, but there is nothing like WRITING IT DOWN by hand. It does something special to my memory. 


Mastering The To Do List


Weekly Needs


If it's time sensitive it goes here. Pick the meals you want to cook. Check. Finalize the topics you want to address for the week. Check. Look into that event you're attending and pick the outfit you’ll be wearing. Check.


This will get you prepared to eventually start checking off one thing after the next!


Most people tend to fall off their master list due to distractions or not committing to the list. You on the other hand will get this done. Breaking your list down in this format will save you from rushing in the morning or confused with what needs your attention. 


Commitment has no days off. 

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Daily Obligations  


If its urgent then there’s no question what goes here.

You’ve decided to cook dinner for two days, so write it down on a separate sheet. While you're at it place all the ingredients you'll need to get it done. Okay the moment we've been waiting for is HERE. Start slashing/checking off. There’s no need to put dinner down for tomorrow's obligations. Thank God! 


Finalize. Finalize. Finalize. 


Buckle down and finish your lingering tasks. It’s always best to tackle your most lengthy obligation and get it out the way. So many people save it for last, which is a horrible habit. 

Save the excuses because you’re the one who set these duties and you must pull through. Breaks are nice, but once they’re done get up and finish Mastering Your To Do List


Coming from the struggle of stickies everywhere I’ll leave that to Mary Jane Paul and stay on this path. In the long run you’ll be more accountable. An extension into getting it all together checkout Why You’re Stuck in a previous blog post too.