2 Must Have Healthy Snacks

2 Must Have Healthy Snacks
2 Must Have Healthy Snacks

You don’t have to wait till New Years to join the healthy eating squad. Believe it or not today is a damn good day to start too. Take the leap and ditch the crispy chips and the cheesy cheetos. My missed obsession is ice cream, but I’ll digress. 


Switching out the trans fat goodies for tasty veggies is a CAN DO process. 


First up is… 




2 Must Have Healthy Snacks


I use kale chips to replace my cheesy obsession. Surprisingly, the brand that I’ve indulged in is Made in Nature. Get this, the kale is organic and made with fresh rosemary, white truffle oil, and cashews which give it that cheesy taste. If you’re a cheese lover then this is what you need. 




Keeps Your Weight In Check


Did you know that one cup of kale chips is only 34 calories, and 1 tablespoon of olive oil is 119 calories. In essence if you made your own portion at home you’ll only consume about 153 calories. 


Yeah I know you can thank me later! 


Eyes on Fleek


With age eyesight is usually one of the first things to go (besides hair). In your one cup of kale you’re consuming 206 percent of your needed vitamin A. This is ideal for the surface of your eyes. 


Heart Health


Your heart will thank you for this. I promise. There’s no cholesterol and no unhealthy saturated or trans fat. Olive oil is your best choice in making your chips because its a good source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Long story short it pumps you up with nutrients. 

Indulge Doll-Face!


(Source: http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/benefits-eating-kale-chips-4238.html)


Drum Roll Please…




2 Must Have Healthy Snacks


If you’re a 90’s kid and watched the animated hit Doug then you're well aware of his taste for beets. Remember when he called them natures candy? Guess what… he wasn’t lying! 


The sweet taste of these chips are almost sinful. I’ll be honest I munch on them whenever I can. I’ve only bought them oppose to making them, but I can’t imagine how hard it can be to make. The day I do I’ll most likely share it with you guys for sure.




  • No Saturated or Trans-Fat 


  • Rich In Carbohydrates 


  • Rich in sodium, calcium, iron, as well as magnesium. 


  • Plenty of folic acid (Hair Growth)


  • Prevents cancer 


  • Helps protect from heart problems


  • Natural Blood Cleanser and Colon Cleanser 


Beets even sound good in the formation of a smoothie. Certainly giving this a shot. (No pun intended) Yum! 



These two treats will have you feeling guilt free and super satisfied. Give it a taste and see how you like it. I for one have seen a complete difference from munching on my many guilty pleasures. Trading in the multi trans fats for nutrients is ideal especially since 30 is approaching in a few years. Let’s just say I’m trying to get my inner Tina Knowles, Angela Bassett, and Lynn Whitfield skin on.