3 Major Quotes To Change Your Life

3 Major Quotes To Change Your Life
3 Major Quotes To Change Your Life


RIGHT HAND UP. I confess. I am a quote junkie. Seriously. 


Ever since I was a kid I’ve had an INFATUATION with words. I guess this explains a lot now. 


There’s something about that moment when I hear a quote that resinates within and awakens my core. I swear it brings my life comes to a screaming halt and question, “Have I applied this?” 


Below are 3 significant quotes that have shaped me into the person I am today. They happen to be the ones that have kicked me in the butt and got me all the way together





1.) Never get directions from someone who has never been where you want to go. 

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The transition from college student to college grad can be a difficult process for anyone. Personally speaking it was an out of body experience for me. Little did I know the amount of trials and tribulations I was approaching.


The actual day itself was nothing short of confusing. There I was preparing to get my diploma (I like to think of as a receipt), and felt like I didn't know a thing. After years of hard work and some great internships I had nothing to show for it. 


Feeling super lost with little to no hope I packed my bags and made my way back to Jersey. 


Luckily, one day I was thumbing through twitter and stumbled across these words that slapped me across the face. I remember feeling like I was going about life so wrong. 


The concept is fairly simple, but we all fall into the same habit of asking the wrong people for guidance.


3 Major Quotes To Change Your Life

2.) Time is too expensive for it to be wasted. 

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When you’re fully aware of your value there is no question. After dedicating my time to growing my brand in early 2016 I gained an immense amount of confidence in stepping out on faith. Then out the blue I got a job offer that I knew in my soul I should have turned down. 


After some deep thinking I took the position in hopes of making life a little easier. Quickly the opposite happened and my life became way more chaotic. 


Time for TGB became scarce and harder to manage. The job itself was lacking major professionalism and accuracy. Without a doubt exactly a month later I walked away from the position. 


Its super imperative to take heed if someone or something is either adding or stripping value from your life. 



3.) Those who break the rules create the new ones. 

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As crazy as it may sound there are absolutely no written rules to life. Secretly, I’ve always wanted that exclusive blueprint guiding me with what to do and how to do it. Fast forward 27 years later I still have yet to find it. 


Along the way I've learned following someone else’s path alters my own authenticity. There are specific lessons and experiences for each of us to solely grow through. Attempting to follow another’s path is placing your process on a glacial pace. 


All in all these quotes took a hand in awakening me to where I am today. Use them to fuel you in the direction you so choose. This journey is all your own. Now make it good!