Gain Confidence In 7 Days
Gain Confidence In 7 Days


Ever came across a person with so much potential for greatness and they didn’t know? Some of us have a first hand experience while others are watching from the sidelines. 


See confidence plays a major key in the direction of your life. As a kid my parents always encouraged me in whatever I wanted to do. Even if that meant quitting one activity for another I had their approval. Now as an adult I see the miner fault in that, but I remain thankful to have such a support system so young. 


Don’t get it twisted there were many times I had to construct my own confidence and face the world alone. Remember I grew up gay in Jersey and kids can be a little too honest. I had to stay ready if someone even attempted to come for me. I may not have been a fighter, but I did however have a bark. The notion of faking it till you make it was ingrained in me from the start of elementary school. 


Later on I used that power of my bark to speak positivity over my life. I began professing what I wanted and it slowly became my reality. For example, if you constantly voice how tired you are you'll then psychologically believe and feel it. 


Profess what you want & become it.

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Day 1: Wake Up Early


Stop rolling out of bed and start leaping towards the change you want. Picture yourself at the start line and taking control back. Getting up early doesn’t just give you a head start, you're also gaining more time to dominate and get shit down. You're going to have to want it more than you are afraid of it.


Day 2: Say It!


Muster up the balls and say it to yourself. Start off with I am or I want. These are keywords in affirmations. Thoughts become things (as I've mentioned before) and the late Maya Angelou ones said, “Words are physical things.” Be cautious with the words you paint your life with. Believe so deep within that no one can tear you away from your dreams or aspirations. (Pause this sounds so much like Mariah Carey's hit Hero.) And you're just as deserving of greatness as Mariah. 


Day 3: Tell A Friend / Confidant


Telling others keeps you accountable. They’ll ask and watch you from afar waiting to either see you fail or succeed. Get encouragement from them on your down days to keep going. There will even be moments where you’ll have to be a friend to yourself. 


Your happiness is your lifeline. 

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Gain Confidence In 7 Days


Day 4: Take Action


Now that you’ve grown the balls to take action. Put those affirmations to some good use. Start formalizing a strategy to get to those words into a reality. Pay close attention to your surroundings. Whatever isn’t aiding to your growth must be removed. This includes toxic people, places, and things. 


Start analyzing. 


Day 5: Repeat Day 2 | Say It Again




This is super critical in doing so, hence why I’m emphasizing repetition. Training your mind isn't an over night processes. It takes time.  Similar to an athlete putting in work on the court, ring, or field you must do the same with your mind. The late Mohammad Ali repeatedly stated his GREATNESS, which transcended to others believing it too.


Day 6: Refill on Goodies


Dance to your favorite inspirational track. Speak to your mentor. Watch your favorite documentary or youtube video. Get to those things that pump you up. You’ll need them to get through the hard days. When your inspiration is running short keep moving. I know its hard, but dig deep. (Fake it, till you make it)


Day 7: Do Something New


Step outside your shell. Point. Blank. Period. 

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Even if its not towards your dream do it! New things give you a boost in life. Welcome to freedom, life, and a new version of you. You’re progressing and writing a new story for yourself in just a week. 


To predict your future you have to create it or someone else will. 

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