Groupon: 5 Exercises To Stay In-Shape

Groupon: 5 Exercises To Stay In-Shape
5 Exercises To Stay In-Shape
5 Exercises To Stay In-Shape
5 Exercises To Stay In-Shape
5 Exercises To Stay In-Shape
5 Exercises To Stay In-Shape
5 Exercises To Stay In-Shape
5 Exercises To Stay In-Shape

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Working out is still a struggle for me if I'm being honest, but once my pants feel a little snug I know its time to step it up. A major factor is the history of heart disease and diabetes that runs in my family. Watching how it affects my loved ones seriously keeps me in check. 

Along with sipping lemon water I make it a conscience decision to stay active and watch what I feed my body. Granted I love fries and jalapeno kettle chips, but everything has its limits. Omg and if I'm really being transparent I just love anything from a potato. 

In my previous post 2 Must Have Healthy Snacks I shared the importance of munching on kale and beet chips. And now it's time to remind you about staying active. 

Although summer is coming to an end and fall is approaching with endless layers, you have to keep that body in motion. Oh and keep in mind layers are made to cover up not hide what you got. This year make it a purpose not to let yourself go. 


Layers Are Made To Cover Up Not Hide What You Got 

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5 Easy Workouts You Need To Stay Fit


Sit Ups

Strengthen and firm up your ab muscles when done right. Doing these will help with your core and sculpting your tummy, which you already know! The point is to remind you that you can do it. There's no excuse great enough not to take time out the day to work on your physique. 

Jumping Jacks

If you're planning on burning some major calories bring it back to gym class when they made us do jumping jacks in unison.  Play your fave tunes and get lost in the music. At least get yourself to 100 and 50 more as the days go by! 

Mountain Climbers

I absolutely love these and hate them time equally. They play a major key in sculpting your entire frame from top to bottom!

You'll be in pain afterwards, but it worth looking slim and trim. Especially if you're looking to be on point for next summer this is your time to do it. You don't necessarily have to get a gym membership to attain the body you want.


Everyone is so obsessed with butt shots nowadays, but it's quite evident processed goods aren't the move. After all the grocery store has way more than enough GMOs for a lifetime. Why inject it into your butt? 

Simple squats get the job done just as well or even better. Call it old school, but trust its so worth it in the end. 

Jump Rope

This can be either solo or a group activity. Bringing your friends together to jump rope like the days on the school yard are so nostalgic. Granted not everything moves the same, but you can work on getting back in motion. 

P.S. I do this all while listening to music on my iPhone thanks to the savings from Groupon! 

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