I Joined Jack’d & POF
I Joined Jack’d & POF

Technically speaking apps and online websites are pretty much under the same umbrella of online dating. I’ve used both in search of causal dates or just meeting guys to see where things could go. Get you’re mind out the gutter I wasn’t using these platforms for casual hook ups, but for male company or chit chat. 


In Atlanta its pretty easy to find a guy anywhere and do anything, but there’s a time when you’re looking for something more. Let's be clear in any sexual orientation sex is easy to get whether you’re gay, straight, or anything in between. 


December 2012 I jumped back into the dating scene. Rapidly I gained the interest of a few men. I really wasn’t about to overdo anything. At the age of 23 I was only focused on getting on my feet. I had recently moved into my apartment attempting to maintain my sanity with my roommate and her squatting boyfriend


A friend of mine suggested making a profile on POF.com. At first I was super apprehensive. Who wouldn't be? Following some chit chat and wine I caved in and just made the damn profile. Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to it. Time to time I would skim through a few profiles and nothing really caught my eye. 


Weeks later while visiting my family in Jersey for the holidays I hoped on an app called Jack’d. If you’ve been under a rock it’s basically the gay Tinder for men. The system itself was extremely user friendly and customizable to your preferences. Guys pretty much became accessible to my fingertips.


By this point in the dating game I wasn’t a newbie and knew how to read men a lot better. I could tell by the conversation who wanted to get to know me or looking for some ass. The app is easy access to A LOT of hookups if that’s your thing. I on the other hand wasn’t looking to become anyone’s toy or concubine. 


You’re gonna have to put in work for some of this.

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I Joined Jack'd & POF


Men who don’t want to work for it are looking to use you. 

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While on Jack’d although I had a large quantity of men to choose from the quality was in the toilet. It was literally one horny guy after the other. Oh I can't forget the occasional and very random, "I love you" message. WTF? Creepy. Umm is there a happy medium? Basically someone to build a friendship and grow with. 


After my three month fail on Jack’d I deleted my account all together. 


One day I got a random message in my email from my POF account. I clicked on it and perused through my abandoned profile. After reading some sincere messages I started replying. This time I gave it another chance and really put some effort into my account. 


While on POF I was able to date and meet men that were looking to do the same. It could have been due to the extensive questionnaire the site requires everyone go through. The caliber of men was by far better than what I came across on the app. 


If a man isn’t willing to cater to your happiness keep looking for the one that will. 

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Later on I lucked up and came a across the one who stole my heart right on POF. No joke it literally happened the day I was deciding to delete my account. I remember feeling like it was becoming a distraction and wanting to focus on blogging more. Three years later and the rest is history.


I didn’t have to use a dating app or a website to find a man. However, I wouldn't change how it all unfolded. This was my experience and it turned out to be worth it. For you it could go even better. Don't limit your options and keep casting your rod anywhere you like!




“Don’t go into this trying to find Mr. Right or Prince Charming, but really be present in the experience. Pick the man you think you want and see if he’s what you need. The process won’t be easy, but it'll be worth it.”