Manscaping Essentials
Manscaping Essentials

A razor and shaving cream is super old school and never worked for me or most of the men I know. When I turned 18 Gillette sent me a package in the mail with a razor and shaving cream in hand. This was long before monthly subscription kits came into play. Of course I was super excited to get free product in the mail. Who isn’t?


It wasn’t until my first semester of college I got hip to the game of really learning what proper maintenance took. Yes, this includes taking care of that body hair EVERYWHERE. Is all this body hair even really that necessary? *rolls eyes*


Oh and all this comes after your barber cleans you up and you have maintain it. 


Step 1: Facial Maintenance


WAHL Beard Trimmer, Cordless (Rechargeable), Model 9918-6171

Manscaping Essentials


I stand by these trimmers to give me that close shave similar to a razor minus the bumps. Not all skin types are equipped for the irritation or friction of razors. Trimmers give a clean finish and are extremely easy to use. Stick to the ones that are rechargeable to refrain from anymore expenses like buying batteries. 


Braun Smart Control 190S Shaver

Manscaping Essentials


This shaver literally gives a complete finish if you’ve missed any spots following the trimmer. It’s a little pricy, but worth the cost since I haven’t had to replace it. And I've had it for almost 2 years. Say good-bye to nicks and bumps. This has been my saving grace. Best part is the retractable blade you can use at your leisure. 


Idea Village MICRO Personal Trimmer

Manscaping Essentials


The torture of manhood has got to be the growth of nose hair. Every now and then I can literally feel one poking out. I know TMI. I was gifted with this trimmer to keep it all under control. Luckily, it comes handy for a quick touch up on other facial areas. 


Step 2: Body Hair


Nair: MAX | Effective Even on Coarse Hair  (Moroccan Argan Oil) 


It’s no secret now that men are getting rid of all body hair. I like to credit gay men for this phenomenon. I’ve stayed loyal to the classic shower power NAIR for years. Thankfully over the years they’ve added scents that help with the odor from NAIR. 


At one point the company released a spray on method I thought would have made the process easier, but instead left patches of hair. Talk about a total fail. 


Don’t leave the cream on for too long or else it'll burn. 


Now go and show off that silky smooth body so the world can love to hate!