Why You’re Really Stuck
Why You’re Really Stuck

We all know that person who announces what they’re about to do and yet never follows through. In actuality this person could be you. 


You’ve either heard or said the same speech, “I hate this job. I need a man. I want to lose weight,” and yet remain in the same place. To be frank with you it’s time to CUT THE BULL. In essence what you really haven’t done is make the DECISION


Let’s be real you’re either going to do it or not. Think about it, why do you think Nike’s slogan has always been, JUST DO IT


Excuses are holding you back and keeping you basic.

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As a kid my parents literally allowed me quit every sport I participated in. Where do I even begin? Let’s see there was basketball, tennis, band, soccer... must I go on? Eventually, there was nothing else for me to quit and I had to make the decision to finish something. Once sophomore year of high school approached I stumbled across my passion and never looked back. Trust I've had my fair share of trials along the way, but nothing compares to the love of my dreams. 


You have to start holding yourself accountable for what you want out of life. No one is responsible for your dreams, but you. 


Developing an insane amount of focus and drive is a MUST. Some will understand, but many won’t. Those who don’t are no concern of yours. Keep striving for whatever you’ve pictured your life to be. Enough people are looking for shortcuts and an easy way out. Who can really blame them, we do live in an “intsta” kind of world. 


To attain any goal start saying your dreams aloud. 

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Why You're Stuck


Say It


“Words become things.” Declaring your wants and needs to the universe holds MAJOR power. This builds up your confidence and momentum of what you're embarking on. 


Repeat This | Affirmation: 

I am worthy of greatness. I am wealthy. I am limitless in my humanity. 


Believe It  


“Fake it till you make it,” is simply embodying the essence of who you want to be. Until you’re able to convince yourself no one will believe you.  


Work For It


GET UP & DO THE WORK. There is no excuse great enough not to do the work. You're going to have to burn the calories, read the information, network, and get those answers. I struggle with this at times myself, but I've made the decision to keep moving the needle forward. 


Being Haitian American I come from a people who have overturned and changed history forever, so greatness runs through my blood already. I pull inspiration from the past to gather strength and encouragement to keep going. Pause for a moment and think of what your ancestors would do with the amount of opportunities we have now. REALLY THINK ABOUT IT. 


Set A Main Deadline


Let’s say you want to lose 50 pounds by January 1, 2017. WRITE. IT. DOWN. If you even need to flood your home with Post-Its repeating the same message, JUST DO IT. Make the date so prevalent that it begins to echo through your spirit.

Take it a step further and average out dates prior to your deadline to keep yourself on track. Welcome to getting yourself disciplined. 


Set Short Term Goals


I absolutely LOVE short term goals. These are highly recommended if not more important than the end goal. Short term goals keep you on track to reaching the main task at hand. You’ll continue to set more as the date gets closer, but accomplishing these will eventually get you to the long term goal in the end.


Making the DECISION to be great has everything to do with WORK ETHIC. Don’t wait for the new year, but decide today at this moment to change your life for the betterment of you. Again I’m no different and fall short sometimes, but I always get back up. Waiting for tomorrow is another excuse. Only a poor mindset sees the valuable in waiting. This right here is your path to greatness.