Sex: When To Give It Up
When To Give It Up

Dating is a task in its own right, but choosing when to GIVE IT UP can be a whole other dilemma. Most of us have heard of the “90 Day Rule,” when one waits about 3 months before sharing intimacy with your main squeeze. Truthfully speaking that's bullshit you decide when and where you’re ready.


I can admit there were moments I felt pressure and went along with it, which isn’t right. I look back now and see a munchkin who needed a little guidance on how men really operate. There are so many types of guys to weed through, so this is to help you find the needle in the haystack. 


First things first, you caught his interest because he’s sexually attracted to you, and that’s no surprise because you're DOPE. The point of the date or texting is to categorize you. Yup, he's trying to label you. For example, are you a psycho, a gold digger, a keeper, an easy lay, or (E) All The Above. Don't be offended, he's a man. 


When To Give It Up

Listen To His Conversation


Allow him to lead the start of the discussion, especially if you’re sitting down for dinner. Here you’ll gage what his interest are. Pay close attention to the compliments he gives you. If he’s only referring to physical attributes and hasn’t said anything about your personality that’s a major red flag. Look for statements like, "Talking to you is so easy.”

Men are visual beings, but a seasoned man will know how to treat you if he's really interested in impressing you. 


Check That Text Feed


We all skim through the old text messages of someone we’re feeling, tell the truth! 

Go for it and read it over again with your third eye this time. Check for how soon the conversation of sex came up or if it has at all. When a guy is quick to send you a “special pic" of his morning wood he's probably sent it to a few other “special” people. 

(i.e. you're not so special to him) 


Be Honest


There is nothing like being straight up with a man and getting to the point. Keep in mind there is an art to language and delivery is everything. Approach the conversation with ease and invite him into a space of honesty. Let him know what your intentions are either if you’re looking to wait or sample the milk sooner. After all this is someone you’re entertaining for a reason. Right? 


Spot His Reaction


Real men gay or straight appreciate honesty and respect someone who isn't speaking in circles. You'll end up confusing him other wise.  If he attempts to pressure you and dog you out that’s all the answer you needed. He’s pretty much a lame who doesn’t respect you or your convictions. The goal is to be with someone who can walk with you wherever you are.  


The goal is to be with someone who can walk with you wherever you are.  

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Based on the men I’ve dated in the past these steps would've saved me so much time as a young tender roni. Be sure to talk less and listen more. Allow him to make a complete ass of himself or charm you up and down.

Swerve pass the mind games and shut down whatever you're not ready for. Oh and for the one who supports you and your decisions I’ll let you dic-tate what to do next!