OOTD: How To Wear Denim

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Photographer: Terri Nash


It’s pretty obvious that I have a thing for a hint of color I can’t tell if its the Jersey in me or the Haitian in me? Hmm or is it both?


However, let the records prove that gold has been one of my faves for years. Then again it could be the touch of my mother that bounces through my spirit. She’s always been a woman who loves jewelry, preferably metallic gold that is. Granted I’m not one for the gaudy look, but I do love a pop of color somewhere on me. Whether if I’m sporting a watch or a scarf I use it as my statement piece. 


Accessories are essentially what bring life and personality to any outfit. 

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For some it may be pearls, diamonds, hats, or bangles. Whatever you choose make sure its apart of who you are. Too many people follow trends nowadays oppose to making it their own. Style is your moment everyday to show the world YOU. Don't take yourself too seriously, but make it fun and memorable. 


This full denim look is a fave of mine for Fall 2016! Its a lighter tone, daring, and shows someone stepping out of the norm. As many of us know fall is the intro to dark tones, but who says? Its time to mix things up. 


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