OOTD: Bombers & Denim

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Photographer: Terri Nash


Have you ever heard it takes years to be an overnight success? 


Lets just say I get it now more than ever before. In life we put time restraints nearly on everything. You know graduate college at 22, married by 25, and pop out the first kid by 30. Well I’m 27 and I’ve only graduated college and if I could go back I probably would rethink that decision. 


When it comes to laying down the foundation of your dreams it literally takes years to see the fruit of your labor. There will be moments you feel like you’re lost, over it, or plain ready to quit. The goal is not to. Why? Because you’re making more room for people like me who stay up late, challenge ourselves, and go harder to take the spot you gave up. 


Dreams aren’t meant to be easy, they are earned. 

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I’ve made countless sacrifices along the way, but I know in my heart it won’t be in vain. This isn’t just for me, but for that little boy in Jersey who was labeled “different” and had no one to relate to. He only needed one and I’m choosing to stand in the gap for him and every child like him. 


By now you can probably guess I have a risk-taker attitude when it comes to living life. The same goes for my sense of fashion. Granted you probably won’t catch me in heels, but this full denim and bomber jacket ensemble is new for me and I’m loving it. 


I would throw this on for an easy date night with the boo or a shopping trip with the bestie!


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