5 Ways To Have The Best Year Ever

5 Ways To Have The Best Year Ever
5 Ways To Have The Best Year Ever

If you’re anything like me you see the New Year as an opportunity to start over and give this thing called life another shot. Last year was honestly one of the hardest times in my life. I fell ill at the start of the year and oppose to popping bottles or watching the ball drop I was trying to get myself back together. In the midst of getting better, I had time to give the trajectory of my life a lot of thought. 


Admit it sometimes you too get caught up in thinking you’re invincible. I’ve been that person, but 2016 snapped me into understanding that life is temporary. 


Take a moment and ask yourself what would you do if you had no debt or anything holding you back from living the life you want? 


No, like really pause and give it a thought even if you’re reading this.  


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In the middle of 2015, I took it upon myself to write down the life I wanted for the next ten years. I know it sounds so far off. Well, get this I’m celebrating my 10-year class reunion this July. At one time I thought it was a ways away. 


And look where we are now.


Take the responsibility and understand you’re the one that creates the life you’re living not your circumstance. 


In the midst of getting better, I got the call from my job that I and 59 other employees were being let go. I remember calling a friend and the first thing she told me was, “Congratulations.” Quickly afterwards something clicked. I finally got the chance to roll the dice on me. 


This is your moment to be intentional. You’ve already declared what you’re about to do. Now there’s nothing left, but to do it. 


5 Ways To Have The Best Year Ever


Step 1: PLAN


I’ve said this a million times and I’ll say it again. Start planning for what you want. I get it life happens, but this doesn't mean you allow it to pass you by. 2016 taught me to readjust when sh*t happens. There is no excuse great enough not to execute. Remain flexible as things change and keep going. 


At the start of 2016 I had an idea, but no plan. This delayed my progress. Plan your year now. Until you realize how much control you really have you’ll keep playing the role of the victim. In actuality, you’re the creator. 


Start acting like it. 



Step 2: FU*! UP


You heard me right. 


These are the best lessons. I promise. Fumbles are meant to give you the knowledge you’re lacking. Along the way we’ve been so fearful of failing as if it's a death sentence. Let me be the one to confirm its temporary as long as you keep moving. The moment you decide to stay down is the moment you fail.


If its the bottom that scares you well let me remind you again, you’ve probably already been there before. This means you already have the tools to pull yourself up.


Keep in mind with any new chapter in life there will be resistance whether you like it or not its inevitable. 



Mistakes Are Proof You're Trying

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The ultimate fail proof repellent is trying again. Put those new gems into action. For example, at one point I was selling t-shirts online expecting it to be my cash cow. Later I learned there was no demand for the merchandise, which then brought me back to the drawing board. 


As a result, I’ve been heavily focused on growing my audience and following. 





Let’s be real you’re only afraid of what you don’t know. In other words get to figuring it out. This stage in my career I’m all about figuring out what I don't know. This ranges from learning photoshop, editing video, to marketing. Be eager to learn your craft as well as you can. 



You Only Fear What Intimidates You 

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When I first started blogging I thought it was going to be a breeze. Boy was I wrong. Anything you really want is going to take effort. Get ready to pay in blood, sweat, tears, money, and A LOT of time. Going after your dreams isn’t meant for the faint of hearts. 





Even when a person is mediocre if they are consistent they can be successful. Consistency builds trust. 2017 will be the same as 2016 if you’re not consistently working towards progression and greatness. 


Make a schedule and stick to it. Too many people are living a life that lacks respect for time. Money can always be replaced, but the one thing you’ll never get back in life is time. 


Remember this is your moment to really give 2017 and your life a fair shot. Save the excuses and start really being intentional. 

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