How To Live On Your Own Terms

How To Live On Your Own Terms
How To Live On Your Own Terms

We’re officially 13 days into 2017 and you’re probably still trying to find your groove. Trust that this is normal and it takes a minimum of 21 days to create a habit. For others like me, it may take a little longer. I’m the kind of person who has to make the decision first to keep myself accountable. If I don’t really want it I won’t put the effort in moving forward. 


One of my goals is to be the best version of myself physically and spiritually in 2017. A few years back I had this desire for abs and actually started to see some results. Along the way, I lost interest and half-assing. This go round I’m simply looking to get my physique intact for myself and these OOTD videos. I’ll be honest in some of the fitted attire (i.e. turtlenecks) I wasn't feeling so snatched. Now I’m doing something about. 


Mentally I’ve decided to wake up early and hit the gym. To accomplish this goal I’ve rearranged my schedule to affirm my commitment. The hardest part is getting up. Once you do that you’re good to go. 



Stay Ready & You Won’t Have To Get Ready

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Essentially when you do this you’re prepared as opportunities begin to unfold. No, it won’t be easy, but this is what gaining control of your life looks and feels like. How bad do you want this?


So many of us are use to settling for half-assing and mediocre work. Greatness is meant to feel uncomfortable. It stretches you as a being.  As I’ve mentioned before resistance is inevitable when creating the life you desire. 


For far too long we’ve been following this outdated false “Life Blueprint”. Now that technology has advanced so quickly you would expect for traditions to advance as well. In essence, this means you’re gonna have to create your own blueprint. 


Think about it even if two people attempted to live the same life sh*t is bound to interfere with the process. That’s called life. Wake up and snap yourself into molding the process how you want it and not the way society says. 

How To Live On Your Own Terms


To be alive is one of biggest blessings in life, if not the biggest. Somebody somewhere is wishing for the life you have. And you probably were once that person. Even in the midst of struggle remember its only temporary. I for one have had faced my fair share of adversities, but I’ve chosen to keep going.


Whether if you’re looking to save more money, lose weight, or work for yourself you have to start somewhere. You’ve already made the first step by making the decision and now you have to make the choice to follow through. 


Listen Here: Colorful Love


Below I’ve constructed a blueprint for you to take 2017 by the collar and slay. Consistently, we ask the question of “How to do (fill in the blank)”, but the answer lies within you applying your skill-sets. This blueprint was created to get you started. Consistency is the secret sauce that will really get you where you want to be. 


I gained these lessons through my first year of entrepreneurship while aspiring to carve out my own lane. If no one has told you lately, you’re worth it, but are you willing to work for it? 

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