Do You Really Have A Soulmate?
Do You Really Have A Soulmate?

Now that Valentine’s Day is here yet again I’m sure you’re not the only one bombarded with hearts, oversized stuffed animals, and chocolates every store you strut into. At one point I was one of those who daydreamed about having a Valentine and being in love. Judge me if you must. 


As a kid, I was such a hopeless romantic, which led me to believe that one day I would meet my soulmate. The question is do soulmates really exist?  


There was a time I actually use to think to myself I met him and lost him. A few years ago there was this one particular guy who was significantly older than me. To be honest he was 20 years my senior. He finished my sentences and spoke to my spirit with words I never publicly said. I quickly thought to myself he was indeed my soulmate. 


Like most cases in life, we got torn apart due to circumstances and agreed if the universe ever brought us back together again it was meant to be. Following his choice to leave I struggled to understand if he really was meant for me or not. 


I can say now he was definitely a soulmate, but not my last. 


You heard me right. 


In life, we do have more than one soulmate. This may sound crazy, but I’m speaking truth. The concept that we are only given one true love is a fabrication. Along this journey we have those soulmates that are friends and those that are romantic lovers. 


Let’s not forget we are forever growing and transitioning. The goal is to always to grow as one in a relationship, but in cases where your “soulmate” drifts away like mine did do yourself a favor keep growing. 


As I reflect back to that moment I can’t help but think he was a soulmate just not “the one.” To keep it short and simple he didn’t fight for me. He allowed life to take him in a direction where he thought he was meant to be. I, on the other hand, wasn’t a part of that next chapter.  


No, I’m not still heartbroken over this because the person he met at 21 no longer exists. That person is now 27, wiser, and awake now more than ever. I realize he gave me the hope that love does exist. Yes, I loved him, but never got the opportunity to fall in love with him. Thanks to him I discovered my worthiness of being loved.


In my current relationship, I see how it’s a choice. A choice to grow, to commit, and yet choose the same person again. Love is a rollercoaster, but when you’re with someone who’s in it just as much as you are the ride feels worth it more. 


—But if we’re talking soulmates again you’ll come across plenty. As you evolve and meet new people you’re going to constantly come across people who will intrigue you. However, be conscious of your feelings. Flirt and keep it innocent as long as you remember to always choose the one who has your heart. 


With that said spend your Valentine’s Day with someone that worth it whether is be a friend, soulmate, or the boo thang. Make it good!