3 Ways To #GloUp
3 Ways To #GloUp

Last month I covered 5 Ways To Have The Best Year Ever. Since we’re in February this phase is all about committing to your #GloUp! 


Now that we’re a month and a half into 2017, which means before you know it we’ll be celebrating the holidays all over again and counting down to 2018. It’s imperative to be super conscious of the time you have and how you use it. I would apologize for being so ahead of the game, but I can’t. This is something I wish I was privy to earlier in life. 


I can’t help, but feel like I’ve lost opportunities in the past for not planning ahead and keeping myself 10 steps ahead of the game. 


Countless times we’ve heard the term #GloUp all over social media, which is usually paired with a recent selfie and a throwback picture side by side. I have to ask, what’s the point of claiming a #GloUp and yet you’re still doing the same thing? 


In actually you’re the same person with a filter over a picture. Am I right or am I right?


Yes, you read that right!


The main reason for anyone to #GloUp is an internal transformation, which then bleeds to the surface. I’ve change immensely from the person I once was and gained more focus towards all the things I’ve ever wanted in life. I literally witnessed my own #GloUp in 2016. Keep in mind I accomplished this by committing, sacrificing, and then rolling the dice on me. 


Too many people start the year off claiming what they are about to do and never get to the work. It’s like sitting at the start line and never stepping onto the track. You have to make the decision. Are you going to run the race or cheer from the sideline?


In other words, where are you going?


I understand confidence is a process, but its not a valid excuse not to commit to giving your best shot. At least give yourself the opportunity to look back and say, “I gave it my best.” 


If you’re struggling to commit to the #GloUp or don’t know how, I’m literally sharing 3 ways that work for me and I’m sure will work for you. I started this year with the mindset to focus on more exposure and maintaining my consistency. I like to think I’m still on the path. 


I’ve partnered with more brands than ever and grown my audience as well. 


3 Ways To #GloUp


Put Yourself Out There


If you want to be known as something you’re going to have to start introducing yourself as such. Boldly tell people what you are doing. I’m a firm believer in faking it till you make it. Don’t start lying out of hand, but project what you want into the universe.  


Believe it or not, I usually do things nervous. I take it as an indicator to myself that I want “this” and this is my time to conquer it. 


Step Out of The Box


Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Don't allow yourself to fall into the trap of being mediocre. This also means start planning bit by bit. Break up your goals over the next 10 months and start putting those dreams into actions. 


Everything has a process so start treating you dreams the same way.


Write 5 things you want to accomplish in the next month and break them up into weeks so you’re not overwhelmed. I swear by this method. It works for me every time. 


In essence my goals push me to be uncomfortable and stay accountable. 


Keep Yourself On Task


Start meeting those movers and shakers in your industry. In the words of Dj Khalid, “This is a major key.” 


I make it a goal of mine to meet peers who are on the same journey. 


I’ve been blessed to met people online and then in person. Day by day we fuel one another to keep moving and networking. I’ve always believed we are all a person away from our dreams coming true. Its all about putting yourself in the position to receive it. 


I use to think I had to constantly reach out to those who I dubbed successful already to learn, but truth is there are those around me I can learn just as much from if not more. I wish I could fully express how helpful this has been for me in the long run. 


If you’re at all in search of those who are filled with positive energy and yearning for really #GloUp this year I’ve created a secret Facebook group #GloGetters to offer a safe space for like-minded individuals. 


All in all be mindful of the energy around you stay focus on where you want to be with these three easy steps! 


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