#SmileFearlessly With Smile Brilliant
#SmileFearlessly With Smile Brilliant


#SmileFearlessly With Smile Brilliant


#SmileFearlessly With Smile Brilliant

Nine out of ten times you’ll most likely catch me smiling or laughing over something!

With that said my teeth are usually on display for anyone to see and judge. I absolutely love going to the dentist and still have yet to ever get a cavity. If you're wondering yes I'm bragging. 


Although my teeth are strong and healthy I can admit a little whitening doesn’t hurt. Luckily, while looking into getting them whitened I was contacted by Smile Brilliant. Their rep was so kind and welcoming that I decided to give them a shot. How could I resist? 


Before you start thinking this is just any other whitening brand you come across on Instagram I can attest they are legit. After agreeing to give their service a shot within two days I got my introduction package. The process of molding my custom imprints was super simple. Once done I packed up my impressions and mailed them off. 


By the way, all the shipping info was covered so there was no additional expense. 


In about 5 business days I got my trays back and started my whitening process. Over the years I’ve tried my fair share of over the counter strips that were honestly a challenge. While using the strips I struggled to keep them from moving or feeling flimsy on my teeth


The customized trays completely eliminated the hassle. I’ve been able to workout, grocery shop, and simply multi-task while wearing them. Keep in mind Smile Brilliant comes with a few more steps, but in my opinion, it’s so worth it in the long run. After all, anything you want in life takes time and effort for the best results. 


Smile Brilliant is an easy 2 step process!


#SmileFearlessly With Smile Brilliant


1.) Teeth Whitening Gel


It’s so important to remember NOT to brush your teeth prior to doing this step. The first thing I do when waking up I place a thin layer across the top and lower trays towards the inner front parts. Right before I place the trays in I dry my teeth and then insert them in one by one. 


The preferred time to leave the trays in are 45 minutes, but depending on your sensitivity you can keep them on up to 3 hours. Personally, I leave mine in for an hour. 


2.) Desensitizing Gel


After I whiten I then brush my teeth. 


I dry out my trays to prepare them for the desensitizing gel. This is when I repeat the same steps as the whitening gel, but I keep it in for only about 15 to 20 minutes. 


Once done I remove the trays and dispense any of the remaining desensitizing gel residue from my mouth into the sink. Quickly afterwards I rinse out my trays with water and pack it all up.


Honestly, after a few days of using Smile Brilliant, I noticed a difference and starting receiving compliments. Purposely, I didn’t mention I was whitening to see if anyone would notice on their own and it worked! 


All in all, if you’re ever considering whitening your teeth in a thorough fashion Smile Brilliant gets my vote! 


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