Manscaping: Baxter of California

Manscaping: Baxter of California
Baxter of California

A few weeks ago I got an email from Influenster about testing out products from Baxter of California. Initially, I wasn’t so thrilled, but then again I thought of how I wanted to switch up my beauty regime. 


For as long as I can remember I’ve always had acne, blemishes, and of course scaring. I admit it at times I’m a picker. There’s something about getting rid of an annoying zit rather than letting it sit and fester. Once the package arrived I instantly opened it and shared the details with my beau. He has an infatuation with body care, although I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t admit it. 


I’m one of those oily, acne prone, sensitive skin types. #SkinStruggle

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I, on the other hand, get a little apprehensive when it comes to putting any ol’ product on my skin. Especially my face. I’m one of those oily, acne prone, sensitive skin types. As a teen, I would raided drug stores for hours praying for a solution. After years of testing nearly everything on the shelves, I gave up and kept my routine simple. 


Now as an adult my acne thankfully isn’t as bad just a little more manageable. What’s really helped me realize what tends to play a key fixture is my diet. When I did the ever so popular Master Cleanse a few months ago I did, however, notice a major difference. My acne pretty much halted as if I sent it a cease and desist


Manscaping: Baxter of California


What Baxter of California has done for me is illuminate and maintain the smooth texture of my skin when clear. The scent is light weight and super easy to apply, which makes it ideal for the boo thang to use too. 


My personal favorite has been the deodorant stick, which is a surprise to myself too. I gave up on men’s deodorant years ago and only bought from the women’s section since they last longer, smell amazing, and cost less. Baxter has really done an amazing job in creating an appealing deodorant with actual effort. 


I’ll be honest about their packaging, though. The design might not have caught my eye initially, but this is a lesson learned when the say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” 


As far as their hair pomades I most likely won’t be using them since my hair texture differs from their target audience. 


Another fave has been the exfoliating body bar that has a rather strong, but bearable scent. If you have a man in your life that adores strong clean scents like mine does then this is right up your alley. The more I think about it this makes an ideal package for Valentine’s Day. Being that we’re just a few days away I’m sure any guy would appreciate products that make freshening up easy. 


We’re all familiar with their odor after an intense workout. No Bueno. No worries though this exfoliating bar is a quick fix for that. It’s safe to say goodbye to that lingering stench and unbearable odor. 


As far as my occasional breakouts they still surface here and there, so I wouldn’t say this is an acne curing solution. I still would keep this tucked away for the beau. Who knows you may like it so much you won’t be able, keep your hands off him. 


One day I’ll find the right product to bring an end to my acne, but for now, I’m glad to have incorporated Baxter into the mix. If you at all happen to get it for your beau be to share your thought so I know what you think of it!