3 Major Components To Be A Boss

3 Major Components To Be A Boss
3 Major Components To Be A Boss

It’s never been a sexier time to be your own boss. Nearly every profile you come across online someone is either an owner, CEO, or partner of some company. Personally, I never aspired to be my own boss or desired to have my own business. It really just fell into my lap. 


Like most of you, I’ve been trained since birth to work for others. Our education system is structured around the model and concept.


+ Go To School


+ Graduate


+ Get Your Dream Job


After graduating college I felt super bamboozled and realized if I really wanted my dreams to see the light of day I would have to make it happen myself. 


I recall hitting the ground running as advised to in search of my ideal job. Sadly, I realized my accomplishments throughout college no longer mattered at that point. I would consistently follow up and even boldly walk into places I applied to finagle an interview. Needless to say, nothing worked. 


The last thing I wanted was to run my own business. Who wants that stress?


In a way, I had no choice if I really wanted to live the life I envisioned for myself. Oh, and settling was never an option. 


The creative part of being a content creator comes super easy to most of us, but knowing your business is equally as important if not more. Understanding your business essentially protects your craft. As a mass media major back in school business was the farthest thing from my mind. I took a few intro courses like accounting, marketing, and econ, but nothing really exposed me to entrepreneurship until I stepped into it. 


Wanting to run a business and actually doing it are two different things. You’ll need to figure out where you fall on the spectrum. I simply had a passion burning inside that refused to blow out. 


Whether you’re thinking of starting a business or recently took the leap here are 3 components you must successfully do to stay afloat. 


3 Major Components To Be A Boss




This may sound like a no-brainer, but the amount of content being produced online can be distracting to any consumer. In other words, you’re gonna have to find creative ways to promote your work consistently. This means learning video, engaging on social media, or getting better at photography. 


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We’re living in an interesting time where technology has advanced so quickly that the online space can become oversaturated, but that’s no excuse not to do the work. Eventually, those who are inconsistent will fall off one by one. Your job is to stay on the path to surpass them. 





Learn the steps of your business better than anyone else. Eventually, you’ll with have to train someone on your secret sauce or hire an expert. This may sound a little crazy, but it’s so true. 


You cannot do it all alone. 


I’ve tried it at and it drove me almost over the edge. There will be a time where you will grow and have to delegate tasks to other. Create blueprints and documents for your systems so that someone can easily consume your operations. 



You’ll never be successful if your operations cannot run without you.

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For example, at one point I was the one sitting down for hours on end scheduling my social media promotions. Eventually came a time where it became too tedious. As a result, I expanded my team with an intern to free up my time to focus on other necessities.  


Be sure to perfect your operations and systems and then pass on those task as needed. After all, you have a business to run. 




Selling can be a little uncomfortable, but it’s necessary when having a business. Refusing to sell is basically saying you have a hobby, not a business. No shade to hobbies those are cute, but if you're calling yourself a business owner selling is non-negotiable


People not only have to see your business and consume your content, but they need to gradually become your customer. Take the necessary time needed to get to know your audience to discover their pain points. 


Learning their pain points allows you to understand where you can then step in and offer a solution. 


Personally, it took me months to really learn and understand my audience. Eventually, I got it! Regardless, how long it took me I never compromised the value and usefulness I offered. This was a lesson learned from Mattie James of MattieJames.com


Overall, running a business isn’t easy, but mapping out your process will make the road easier for you. What really helps me to maintain and stay aligned is my 5 steps process for any goal. If you’re looking to seriously accomplish and strategize towards your goals or grow your business get you copy of “Personal Guide to #GloUp.” 


You can thank me later!