5 Mistakes I’ve Made In Business
5 Mistakes I’ve Made In Business

Every boss has to start somewhere and most of us had no clue what we were doing in the beginning. I’m certainly one of them. A major key in life is understanding there's nothing like actually putting the work in. We can take courses, consume content, go to college in preparation, but there comes a time you dive right in


When I started blogging I was doing it all in real-time aka all wrong. I would even publish a blog post without proofreading because I was half-assing the process. I wasn't committed and only posted to prove to myself that I did something that day. I remember being too fearful to promote my work because I knew deep down it wasn't my best effort or work. Now before a post goes live I’ve created a formula to keep me on point. 


These last six months have been my most successful time in business because I’ve changed my attitude and respected the process of what it takes to be a blogger and growing a business. I became a student of the craft and honed in on my audience. 


Yes, I would love for everyone to adore TheGayBestie, but not everything is for everybody. I’m sure there are some people who don’t care for Oprah as crazy as that may sound. 


Needless to say, when I started I was going about business wrong too. After all, I never had any formal education on how to go about being an entrepreneur, especially as a blogger. 


1.) Procrastination Is Your Biggest Beast


To be consistent you have to face yourself with the necessary duties. Eliminate distractions and pay close attention to what you’re trying to accomplish. Inconsistency is as much a habit as consistency. I purposely position myself to complete tasks by placing my phone out of sight, closing excess tabs, and playing mellow music to fill the background. 


There’s something about setting the mood for writing that helps me zone out and pay attention to my craft. 


As your own boss time-management can be hard to tackle, but setting short-term goals will help you stay on track without going astray. 


At the start of my journey, I wasn’t doing either one of these.


Learn How: Personal Guide To #GloUp



2.) Build A Team


As mentioned before in 3 Major Components To Be A Boss you’re going to need to delegate tasks that you've out grown. When working for yourself you’ll see how something can become tedious, but necessary. Handing those tasks over to an intern or an assistant will “buy you your time back,” as Curlbox creator Myleik would say. 


Remember your time is super precious and scheduling tweets may be too time-consuming compared to other things that need your attention. Let’s not forget you're the boss! 


3.) Cater To Your Audience


I get it, in the beginning, it can be hard figuring out what people want. It’s gonna take some trial and error to, but it's doable. Gage what your supporters are responding to. Start scaling your content through likes and views. 


I’ve been so clueless and baffled at what people wanted that it almost drove me up a wall. For example, I like celebrity gossip just as the next person, but it's not what I want to be known for. As a lifestyle blogger, I’ve had to examine and dissect myself to really discover the message I wanted to share with the world. 


When your numbers start to grow make another analysis of your followers and cater directly to that niche. 


4.) Don’t Take Too Many Opinions


Become extremely decisive now. There will be important decisions to be made and you're gonna be the one to make them. Yes, opinions are nice, but they’re not always necessary. 


Sometimes too many chefs in the kitchen only cause confusion. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect, but they must be done with the best intentions in a reasonable amount of time. 


5.) Scale


The financial aspect of your business is super important. Scaling allows you to forecast how much you’re looking to make this fiscal year. Yup, you’re going to have to sell something whether it be consulting services, products, or courses. Entrepreneurship isn’t made for the faint of hearts


I’ve had my fair share of moments wondering to myself, what was I thinking? Luckily, I don't stop and still face each day with the desire to make it happen. 


Scaling and selling are the vital pieces to keeping you in business. If you aren’t profiting ask yourself again is this a hobby, passion project, or business?