Why You Must Spring Clean Your Life

Why You Must Spring Clean Your Life
Why You Must Spring Clean Your Life

Sun? Check!

Flowers? Check!

Bomb Weather? Check! 


Sounds like spring is officially upon us! 


As you tuck away your winter gear put some time and effort towards your life too. Whether you’re in a bad relationship, consumed with fake friends, or over your job, you must do something about it. No more waiting. 


I too was once that loyal person to a fault. As a result, I was super unfair to myself. In my past life, I use to care so much what people thought of me that I didn’t like who I was. 


See when you do the work of loving who you are it shapes the structure of your life. The people around you whether new or old will either respect it or find their exit. This may sound harsh, but it's truth. Some people aren’t capable of keeping up with your growth and will, unfortunately, fall to the wayside. 


Like most of you, I’ve lost friends along the way and learned to respect their individual journey.


Your personal happiness is deeply rooted in the path you choose. This means everything you consume is a representation of who you are and where your life is going. Until you take a full inventory of what surrounds you, you’ll feel that wavering feeling of confusion and unclarity. 


All this may not be easy to digest, but there is no more time to BS. Too many of us are waiting for a significant moment to take charge of our lives, but truth is there isn’t some magical moment. What you’re envisioning is a Disney movie not reality. 


If I would have waited to start The Gay Bestie four years ago there’s no way I would be where I am now. Although, I admit I occasionally have moments where I wish I started sooner. Learn from me and do better. If you have an idea that’s your indicator to begin researching the how. Along the way give yourself moments of reflection to do a temperature check. 


In my career, I once thought I wanted to focus on celebrity interviews and host 106 & Park. Don’t judge me that’s what my generation was exposed to. By the way, the chemistry between Free & AJ was everything back then. 


Nonetheless, once I started working for a magazine and did those coveted celeb interviews I felt unfulfilled. Once I stepped back and took inventory of where my life was heading I knew it was time to redirect. At the end of the day, I gave myself permission to at least attempt my dreams. 


Take heed and tune into your gut. Essentially you'll discover your direction by paying attention to what you enjoy and what you’d rather not spend your time doing. 


The process may feel a little uncomfortable, but life is a gift that owes you nothing. Start living not only existing.