#AMillionWaysToShea with Oily Skin
#AMillionWaysToShea with Oily Skin

It’s no secret that I’ve suffered from acne for over half my life. Over the years I’ve nearly tried every over the counter product in search for a solution. There were countless times where I dashed into drug stores only to raid their skincare aisles for hours. I’d stand there reading ingredients and solutions thinking to myself this was researching. Little did I know buying all those products only made the matter worse. I concocted some desperate skincare regimen and irritated the hell out my skin. Ugh!




Let’s rewind to my first pimples, though. 


One morning at 9 years old there I was minding my business and woke up to a super painful volcano dead center of my chin. That day at school I got the same response from nearly every classmate, “There’s something on your chin” as if I didn't already know. 


Why do people think pointing out a zit is so helpful? 


Newsflash those of us who suffer from acne are fully aware of every blemish. Thanks, but no thanks. 


During my late teens and college years at one point, my acne began to slow down and fooled me into thinking I was cured. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Like most of you, I dabbled in makeup only to cover up the breakouts and scarring. Long story short makeup was a whole new world of issues including wrong matches to clogged pores


By my mid-twenties I caved in and saw a dermatologist. He was an older man, but honestly I wasn’t so sure if he really took the time to understand my skin type or black skin altogether. He prescribed me two skin creams and an oral pill. I was so uncomfortable with taking a pill that I opted to ditch the idea. 


Eventually, I realized I was going about this skin thing all wrong. I was educating myself on products oppose to my skin. See #MyNormal is oily, acne-prone, and sensitive skin. In other words hands off my face. 



I had to realize oily skin isn’t dirty skin. Oily skin actually offers as a natural moisturizer, but I had to learn how to work with the oil oppose to stripping my skin of the oil. Excessively washing my face over time only caused my pores to produce more oil throughout the day. 


I repeat work with your skin not against it! 


Thankfully Shea Moisture is a brand I’ve learned to trust over the years. I’m a sucker for their African Black Soap. The natural ingredients allow me to manage my skin now more than ever. Yes, I still get breakouts here and there all my fault. A few times I’ve forgotten to wash and cleanse these pores out before bed, but I’m working on it. 


Your Skin Is A Testament of What’s Going On Inside. 

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Keep in mind your skin is a testament of what’s going on inside too. Drink lots of water and keep the surface clean. 


Recently, I’ve joined the Shea Moisture team as a #Sheabassador. This pretty much means over the next year I’ll be testing out some of their new products and sharing my thoughts with you. Of course from the oily perspective! 


The other week I was shipped my first box of products from their Dragon’s Blood & Coffee Cherry line. Don't be freaked out by the name trust me this thing smells absolutely bomb! 


This line emphasizes its focus on stressed skin. 


#AMillionWaysToShea with Oily Skin




Instant Rebound Foaming Facial Wash


I’m one for a good face wash any day of the week. With just two pumps during your morning and nightly routine, this foaming wash cleanses your pores effortlessly. Personally, I use it while in the shower right after I was my face with the African Black Soap.  


The smell alone is tantalizing if I’m being honest! 




Instant Rebound Mask


This isn’t your typical mask if you’re thinking of a paste that hardens on your face. This rebound mask is actually a cream base. Once I put it on my face I instantly thought, “When is this thing gonna get hard.” but it never did and that’s what sets this mask apart. 


I left it on for about 10 minutes and then took a warm damp cloth and wiped it off gently. The directions advise a weekly use or as needed. I legit was tempted the next night to use it again. Let’s just say two days later I was dipping into the jar again. 


It really feels that good! 




Instant Rebound Moisturizer


Finding the right moisturizer for oily skin can be a battle in its own right. I’ve tried an array of brands and then transitioned to moisturizing with oils. Sounds crazy, but with oily skin this is actually a good way to work with your natural oils. 


Testing this moisturizer felt so good compared to others I’ve used in the past. Most importantly it doesn’t feel heavy on my pores. 


I remember the days when I would use to use certain moisturizers and felt dirt filling in my pores throughout my day. Sorry for the TMI, just keeping it real. 


The rebound moisturizer doesn’t give me that feeling one bit, but more so allows my pores to breathe. 




You’re probably thinking what does he know about volume and lifting spray, right? 


Well, I honestly don’t know much. However, I can compliment the packaging and innovative spray cap. The product itself smells amazing, but I probably won’t be using it since I have little to no hair. 


If you’re a naturalista I would encourage you to give it a shot for yourself. Shea Moisture has a great reputation with the natural hair movement and I’m sure it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. 




Yes, I've used makeup as mentioned before, but I never crossed over to lipstick. I honestly don’t plan on anytime soon. 


The packaging states it's made out of shea butter, which is always a plus! The color is in poppy, but simply looks like red to me. Then again how can you ever go wrong with Shea Moisture or red?


Take it from me as a person whose gone through the ups and down with acne I’m happy to say Shea Moisture is a brand I embrace and stand by. Although my blemishes haven’t gone away forever I’m confident they’re on their way out!