Find Out What’s In My Bag & Why!

Find Out What’s In My Bag & Why!
What’s In My Bag!

A man carrying a bag isn’t so much taboo as it is fashion nowadays. I hopped on the bag wagon my sophomore year in college. Only just about a year ago I delved into clutches. Believe it or not, I didn’t snag my collection from the women’s section. Man bags are actually available in plenty of men’s departments at stores like H&M, Forever 21, and my personal fave Zara


Sometimes society gets a little too hung up on applying gender ideologies towards others. In most cases like this, I’ve always viewed limitations as fictional. Who really makes these gender rules anyway?


I refuse to ever believe pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Last I checked they were simply colors. I could go deeper with this subject, but I’ll save it for another time. 

Jumping back to what I have hiding in my bag. Let’s go! 




I absolutely never leave the house without some sort of lip balm. You’ll either catch me with a tube of Carmex or an EOS ball. Since the age of 5, I’ve been obsessed with keeping my lips soft and moisturized. Back in the day, I would drench my lips with vaseline. I swear I did you can ask my mother. You would have thought I dipped my entire mouth into the jar.


I really didn’t though.


Smell Goods


For the record, you also won’t catch me anywhere without some sort of smell good on. I’m not referring to your average colognes and perfumes. My secret weapon has always been the African oils from local beauty shops or vanilla scented lotions. I find that these scents aren’t harsh on the nostrils and leave behind a memorable aroma.

Take note especially if you’re single and mingling! 

Be sure to snag something worth lingering behind your stride. I promise this is a conversation starter right after you give him that inviting eye to come hither. 


Fresh Makers


Mints are a must hands-down. This is not up for debate. Walking around with bad breath in 2017 is unacceptable. Whether I'm driving or getting ready to say hello to someone I make it my intention to pop one in prior to speaking to someone. 


Being an entrepreneur I’m always meeting someone new and intentionally looking to leave a good impression. If we’re being real everyone is subconsciously judging. I say give them something good to judge! 


Sneak Peek


Call me old school, but I still find something about a pocket mirror handy and classy. Yes, we live in a time where technology has a selfie cam on our iPhones, but I’d rather use an actual mirror. 


I refuse to fool myself thinking a filtered selfie is my flawless face. No worries here I can handle my blemished truth. I guess I have to say now is pass that pocket mirror asap. 


Tick Tok


In any bag, you’ll find pockets and I always try to keep a watch in one of mine just in case I need to add flare to an outfit. I also found that watches keep me courtesy while in the presence of others. I couldn't imagine pulling out my phone dead center of an important conversation or while conducting business. You always want to keep it tasteful in the midst of others. 


People can feel when you’re not present in their presence. 


Shade of It All


A pair of dope sunglasses is a necessity in any weather if you ask me. Pop them on while driving or if you’re looking to stay incognito. Here in Atlanta, the weather can be a little iffy, but that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t beaming in my eyes as I drive. 


Tune It Out


I’m super guilty of popping headphones in my ears in public if I’m feeling a little anti-social. Am I the only one? 


I’m so serious tho. 


I also have moments when I’m on a call or looking to finish a song I was jamming to in the car. I make it my mission keep a pair handy in my bag to pull out just in case. You never know when you’re gonna need them. Trust me you’ll thank me later! 


The Stash


Regardless how times have advanced cash will always be king. I’m a firm believer in having at least $20 cash tucked away nicely in my bag. If anything were to happen at least I’ll have this to hold onto. 


Keep in mind I don’t just leave my bag laying around anywhere these essentials weren’t free and I refuse to be ripped out of my $20.