3 Social Media Don’ts While Dating
3 Social Media Don’ts While Dating

Dating is a task in its own right. Now throw social media into the mix and things can get complicated. Although social media is an awesome source for networking, everyone uses it for different reasons. Some are looking to build a brand or business while others are searching for validation or their next lay. 


Personally speaking while dating I find it important not to befriend your beau right away on any platform. You heard me right. This means especially Instagram. This may sound a little crazy, but follow me on this one. I promise I’m steering you in the right direction. 


Meeting a new guy is all about figuring out his personality traits and interests. Dashing to see his IG profile takes away from the fun of getting to know those small, but intricate habits. Keep in mind you’re also not getting the real version of him online anyway. Most of our social accounts are highlight reels showcasing our filtered selfies, best angles, and duckfaces. For the record, I’m so guilty Facetune too. 


Take your time and don’t skip the crushing/infatuation stage just yet. The feeling doesn’t last forever so I urge marinate in this ambiance as long as you can. It's worth it! 


Drumroll let’s go… 


Don’t Search His Profile


I probably crushed your dreams with this one. 


Snooping to find his account is already too much work. You know the old saying, “If you go looking for something you'll find it.” In other words, beware of assuming. You might stumble across something and take it the wrong way. 


If you really want to know buckle down and ask for the info. The catch is to ask in person. I know this sounds sneaky, but if he isn't hiding anything there shouldn’t be a problem. However, the two of you should've at least had the discussion of being exclusive by now. If not he's still single and so are you.  


Don’t Engage On Every Post


If you've already exchanged profile info only comment on a few post here and there, but ODing on the likes is a NO. Keep it cute and remain secure in whatever the two of you are building. There’s no need to do too much if it's real at the end of the day. 


After all, you’re better off reading the comments oppose to being so pressed over clicking like. Remember if you see something questionable just ask about it and get the clarity before jumping to a conclusion. 


Don’t Overshare Information


The internet is not your personal diary. Sorry to break it to you. Yes, it's ok to share, but to display your life online is a no go. I’m sure you’ve heard of no fake love and that’s real. Not everyone is rooting for you and some are waiting on your demise oppose to your success. Be conscious of all energy you allow around both in life including online. 


Take a note from the book of Beyonce and Jay-Z. These two always leave the public speculating. All we know is what they decide to share. Plus love is a roller coaster and can be super fragile. Take whatever precautions you need to protect your growing relationship. 


By the way, I’m not saying never peep at his profile just don’t become an overzealous stalker. If you’re afraid he’s cheating newsflash you can’t stop him. We’re all responsible for our own actions and choices. If a grown man cannot decipher what is appropriate and inappropriate conduct online then most certainly have the conversation.


Honestly, in the past, I've made the mistake of not taking social media seriously when dating. I had made the decision not to exchange social accounts early on and then caught myself in a situation. I simply didn’t find it necessary at first. I'm the kind of person who carries myself the same in person as I do online, which I thought everyone did. WRONG. Major mistake on my behalf. 


There came a moment when I stumbled across this one guy’s account I was dating and I was at a loss for words. The person her presented to me in person was far from his IG account. By this point, we were already months in, which is why I recommend give it 3 weeks or whenever you two become exclusive. There's just something about a grown thirsty for likes I find a major turn off with. 


Validation doesn’t come from followers or likes it comes from within.

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