Why You Must Have A Side Hustle
Why You Must Have A Side Hustle

Quitting your job and leaping towards your dreams sounds like a dream, but most of us can’t afford to do so. A few months ago I shared a post properly titled, Quit In 30 Days and it was a hit. At one point in 2016, I was hired for a job that I literally quit in 30 days. In a nutshell, I felt as though my time was being wasted there so I created an exit. 


Luckily, I had my side hustle already going. 


With any new job, there is about a 2-week introduction process where you get aquatinted with all systems and logins. Let’s just say I had an extended process from getting my badge to receiving computer access. I remember sitting at my desk and literally working on content for TheGayBestie due to the lagging process. 


As millennials, we do not have the luxury of sitting back and watching time go by. Technology is moving at such a rapid rate that we have to keep our hands on the pulse of this movement. 


Companies like Macy’s, JCPenny, American Apparel, and The Limited are shutting down stores across the country and diving into the online space to compete with successful shops like Fashion Nova. Yes, some may chuckle, but this is no laughing matter. Like it or not this is the direction of where most businesses are heading. Digital.  


This also means traditional jobs are now converting into digital positions. And as a result sales associate positions will quickly go away one by one. Look at Walmart and how they’ve installed countless self-service checkout lines to replace employees. Friend, if you haven’t started on your side hustle yet this is your moment to do so.  


It’s pretty evident that the online space is only going to grow substantially in the next 2 years and becoming a millionaire at an entry level position is unheard of.


Once I realized it didn’t matter how well I performed at a job, but how I affected their bottom line it was like a wake-up call. In other words, long gone are the days of job security. Everyone is looking for safety, but until you own something for yourself anything is liable to happen. 


Honestly speaking most people are not paying attention to the current climate. Major companies at the end of the day are all about profit, which is fair because they have to keep their doors open. It’s time that you start to adopting that same mentality.



In business, you must be fair to yourself first. 

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Why You Must Have A Side Hustle





The direction our economy is moving it crucial to how we make money. You would be surprised to know how many people do not understand that concept. Running a side hustle may call for more work, but knowing that you can make money while in your sleep offers a piece of mind. 


Yes, it takes time and a lot of devotion, but understand the benefits you’ll receive from the seeds you plant now. 


Personally my lay off was the biggest wake-up call I could’ve ever received. Like most people I was raised to “do right”, but in business, most people are doing right by their bottom line. Question is, what your bottom line? 


Pass It On


I’m not sure about you, but the way my parents have their accounts set up I’m not inheriting a thing. Anything that I want I have to work for and if I choose to have children I want to be able to pass some form of stability. Plenty of my girlfriends are in the same position and understand how real the struggle is. 


Start thinking long term, which means past your lifetime. Educate yourself on money and what’s going on. The goal is not only to pass on money but also the knowledge of how to keep it growing.  


Your First Investment


If you're going to invest in anything start with you first. For example, when you’re hungry most likely you find a way to eat. Take this same attitude toward investing in you. Do something about it! 


Whether it's your time or money start doing it. This doesn’t mean you have to build a multimillion dollar company, but being able to bring in an extra $20,000 a year wouldn’t hurt any lower to middle-class household.  


Sell It


When you own something it becomes your asset, which means you can turn it into cash fast. We’ve heard it countless time, “Money makes the world go round.” I’d like to think both money and love do. 


Change your mindset towards money. Money isn't bad. Money only has the power you give it. Some use it for the greater good, while other have alternate intentions. Having money creates options and choices, which include the opportunity to sell. 


Always remember there is no shame in selling as long as it makes sense to your personal bottom line