5 Ways To Stay Motivated
5 Ways To Stay Motivated

Picture this, a young professional in his mid-twenties waking up at 6 AM every morning to prep for work. Some mornings he would wake up a tad late, which resulted in racing the clock. On a good day, traffic lasted roughly 45 minutes. As for those bad days go ahead and add an additional 45 minutes. 


For 2 years I was that young corporate professional. You heard right, this was my life Monday through Friday. Although I had my side projects keeping me from jumping out the window my motivation was off. See at that point I was a college grad swamped in student loans searching for an escape. My reality was most certainly not the life I pictured years prior. 


At the time I was living pretty comfortable while making a great income but still felt like a failure. Better yet I felt like a sellout. I was the former dream chaser who caved in and ditched my passion for “security."



Any decision in life is literally a risk in its own right.

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Whether we decide to travel down the path less traveled or the one everyone else takes we’re sacrificing something. I’ve truly learned the greater the risk the greater the reward. I know for some of us material possessions keep us clocking in every day. But is it worth it?


Is it really worth not living the life you once dreamt of? Personally, it wasn’t enough for me. 


Following my layoff last year I made the conscious decision not to fill out another application. As a result, I threw my energy into TheGayBestie. Yes, I’m risking it all, but I’d rather know I gave it my best shot than to wonder “what if” for the rest of my life. I’ve taken a chance on everything else, but myself up until now. Have you? 


Along the way, I’ve had to readjust and use effective tactics to keep me motivated. I personally came up with a few on my own. 


5 Ways To Stay Motivated


Keep The End Goal In Mind


I cannot stress this enough. Always remind yourself why you started. Creating your dreams will never go how you expect, but if you want it bad enough you’ll adjust to make them a reality. 


On the road to success, I’ve had countless disappointments whether they be personal or professional. Always remember no matter the case kept going. Yes, it’s hard, but the achievements along the way are evidence that you are doing something right. Embrace it all!


No Time To Waste


Wasting time is a luxury none of us can afford. Once I got in sync with my process I realized how much time I spent dragging my feet. Sadly, some of us are still waiting for Superman or Wonder Woman to save the day, but that’s not the case while adulting. 


Like it or not you’re the superhero in this storyline. Start saving your own damn day by putting in the work for it. 


List It


You should know by now I live for a good list


Writing your ideas down on paper releases the thought and places it to action. For the record, this is the first step in bringing an idea to life. I’m a proud living and certified listaholic. If I have an idea, quote, or blog concept I literally just dump it in my designated note app and return to it later. I’m not a machine and at sometimes I get forgetful so writing it down saves me everytime. 


Map Out a Calendar


You knew this was coming. 


Start plugging in those hardcore deadlines. This is my accountability to stay ahead of the game and on pace. In essence, this is how I really stay motivated. I've always hated being late or missing a deadline whether it be personal or professional. 


By respecting my deadlines I remain true to myself and the path I’ve decided to take. No one said this thing called life would be easy and friend there are no excuses valid enough not to do the work especially if you really want it. 


You ready?


Movers & Shakers


Surround yourself with those trailblazers and start networking. Learn from them and soak in their energy. Be sure to also offer value too. No one can stand a person who only takes and gives nothing in return. 


While networking I make it a mission of mine to give first about 90% of the time. There are so many takers in the world that being the giver makes you stand out. Be sure to have a balance to this you don’t want to known as a pushover.


If you are...


In need of a little more guidance

• Tired of dropping the ball on your goals

• Ready to level up in your career

• Over talking about it and looking to be about it


Then you’re in the right space because the Personal Guide To #GloUp is what you need to make it happen. 


I’ve formatted and spilled all the tea to how I get my sh!t done. In the end, I’m sure you’ll be thanking me once you implement this simple 5 Step Process


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