3 Must Do’s In Launching A Brand
3 Must Do’s In Launching A Brand

Nowadays everyone is either launching or sustaining a brand. I’ve been at it now consistently a little over a year. Along the way, I’ve switched things up a few times to stay ahead of the curve and perfect my craft. 


For the most part, I don’t outsource and do 98% of the work myself. After all, I do consider myself still at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. Doing the bulk of the work solo can be a blessing and curse. I’ve found paying others can be expensive so usually, I’m left with learning the HOW on my own. Yes, it may take me more time, but watching my funds allows me to be my most creative. 



Once you realize there’s always a way your excuses stop. 

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I’ve found that most people are afraid to be pushed out their comfort zones or too lazy to do the work themselves. I pride myself on figuring out whatever I want to know. That should be the determination that echoes through your spirit. 


Think about it there was once a time no one knew who Beyonce was. Before she was gifted high-end designer gowns her mother was cutting and stitching her stage costumes for Destiny’s Child. I say all this to remind you, we all have a starting point in our journeys. The longer you take to start the further you push your dreams. 


Now that you understand the importance of marketing, sales and operations here are my other 3 must do’s when branding yourself. 



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3 Must Do’s In Launching A Brand



Buy Your Domain


It’s sad that I have to say this in 2017, but you would be surprised how many people are branding themselves online and have not taken the most important step of purchasing their domain name. Countless times people have been too lazy only to realize that someone else has swooped in and legally bought their names.


The legal issues to follow are then extremely expensive and a headache. If you’re serious about making something of your brand then you have to be just as intentional about your business too. 


Take No Shortcuts


What separates those who make it and those who don’t is work ethic. Too many times people start something only to fall off along the way. I know this because I was once one of those people. 


The moment I committed myself to the process I noticed a significant difference. The brand deals started to roll in and eyes started to take heed to what I was doing. You have to hold yourself to a level of excellence. Take some time and think of the lasting impression you want to leave with those who come across your brand.


This means even if you have to repeat yourself a thousand times do it. If you’re going to allow people to judge you at least allow them to judge your best effort.  



If you’re going to allow people to judge you at least allow them to judge your best effort.  

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Memorable Aesthetic


The quality of your work has got to be visually appealing to whoever you’re marketing to. I’m also not saying run out and get the most expensive camera on the market, but I am saying put some effort into your work. Have some structure to your social media and web platform. 


People can tell if you slap something together or took the time to curate whatever you’re offering. 


A major key in this step is knowing the color schemes for your brand as well. Defining your signature fonts are also highly important in this process. Doing this will set you apart from others in your field. Always remember that you want to stand with the best, but stand out from the best


Along the way, you may even rebrand, but starting out these are must do’s that will help you jump start the journey a little quicker. Lord knows if I knew these three steps out the gate I would have saved so much time at the start of my blogging career.