7 of The Best Spring Date Ideas


Whoever said Spring is the end of Cuffing Season is a liar. 



Friend, I beg to differ. Whether you’re single or fully committed, dating is still supposed to be fun. Smothering your beau all year is a must if you ask me. Ok maybe you don’t want to smother him, but quality time is essential for a budding relationship. What better excuse to spend time together than absorbing the weather Spring offers.


This time of year is ideal for afternoon strolls and mellow vibes. I like to think I’ve done my best dating in spring, especially since I met the boo thang during this time of year 4 years ago. I'm still in shock this month makes 4 years. 


While chatting with some of my girls I’ve noticed a few of them have fallen short of what it takes to accomplish a memorable date. Some are under the misconception that a good date cost money. Pace yourself because a quality date doesn’t necessarily mean the coins have to be spent. 


For those of you looking to jazz it up and get out the house, I’ve compiled some dope ideas to get you on the right path. 


7 of The Best Spring Date Ideas


Roof Top Brunch


Oppose to the conventional evening out on the town switch things up and make it a roof top! 


There's something Sex & The City and chic about heading to a rooftop with the backdrop of the city. The sun isn’t beaming down too harsh and the temperature is just right. Let’s not forget the amazingness a good glass of wine adds to relaxing view. 


Keep in mind a breathtaking view also serves as a dope conversation starter.


Whether you’re just getting to know each other or building a deeper connection give it a shot. Scenery plays more of a factor than most people think so start choosing wisely. 



Local Attractions


In Atlanta, one of our local attractions is the Farris Wheel. It’s literally become staple overnight. I treated my beau to a date here some time ago and he surprisingly loved it aside from his fear of heights. To be honest I’ve had him try a few things out his comfort zone, which essentially displays what kind of man he is and I love it! 


Testing your guy out of his comfort zones shows you his real personality and what you're getting yourself into.


Coming from a fairly traditional Haitian household it's important to me that whoever I’m with is open to new things including cultural cuisines and traditions. I'm a traditional and non-traditional person wrapped into one.  





When in doubt drink wine.

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What's honestly better than a chilled glass of wine in Spring?  I know... absolutely nothing! If you haven't taken a trip to a winery yet then this is your moment to book one ASAP. The experience is both educational and entertaining all at the same time. 


Plus getting your buzz on doesn't hurt either. 


I’ve done this myself and I’d do it again. However, I do advise making it an intimate setting. Eliminate other people by book a private tour for you and the boo. Embrace the romantic setting and make it a memory. 


What you decide to do afterward is all your business though. Wink! 





This may be a little cliche, but when was the last time you had a picnic? 


Personally, it's been years for me. Outside of the potential bugs, I'm so down for something like this.


Get creative and fill a basket of all his favorite things and goodies. This is all about making him feel special and appreciated. Believe it or not, it's cool to let your man know you care and love him. 


In my book picnics always come across thoughtful and romantic. I'm even adding this to my list of things to do this spring and you should too! 



Local Zoo


Although zoos may carry an unpleasant odor at times they’re still fun to explore and take in. With all the attractions taking place its hard not to have a good conversation here. If your dude is anything like mine he’s most likely not the most talkative, but a zoo will most certainly bring it out of him. 





Ride The BeltLine


Atlanta has one of the most attractive and eye-catching belt lines around.


As you can see I’m all about activities to keep things exciting. Sitting in a movie theater just can’t compare to an activity. 


As far as the belt line goes you can rent two bikes for a few dollars and get to it. Exploring your own city allows you to be a tourist all over again. At one point it was once all new to you. If your city doesn’t have a belt line simply rent a bike and start the adventure to everywhere. 


Once in London I did the same concept and got an experience of the city like no other. Needless to say, I had no clue where I was going, but that was the most thrilling part. 



Mini Road Trip


Take him away for a random one day trip! If you're in a long-term situation this is a must. Let's keep it real, things can get a little mundane. Make it a mission to find a spot somewhere in a nearby town and book an Airbnb for the night. Deck the place out with maybe a theme or something sexy. 


Sometimes they do get on our nerves, but let’s not forget to let them know they are appreciated. 


Anyone whose ever been in love knows how much of an up and down experience it is. Don't forget the romance in the process of being in love. 


As you make him feel special I’m sure he will return the favor!