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Tees In The Trap The Gay Bestie
Tees In The Trap The Gay Bestie

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Deciding to become my own boss was honestly never in my master plan. 


As mentioned before, I was the kid who followed all the rules. If there was ever a master checklist dedicated to living I was the one who followed each and every step. Post college I went ahead and purchased one my favorite books to date Katie Couric’s, The Best Advice I Ever Got. I guess you can say I had an inner desire to have someone tell me what to do with my life. 


Not having a job offer was devastating and humbling. After having such high profile internships nearly everyone (including myself) thought I was set. Little did I know the storm that was approaching. But only after the storm do we really appreciate the aftermath of the raindrops. 



Life will humiliate you to humble you

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See life is just as much about the struggle, mistakes, getting it wrong (A LOT) as it is about the highs. Now in the position of a CEO I’ve slowly begun to embrace the day by day mistakes that either cost me time or money. Learning to pivot from what doesn’t work has essentially made me better. They do say, “Setbacks are a setup for a comeback” and I would have to agree. At the end go the day the trick to success is never giving up. 


The moment we learn to accept the failures of the past do we really get in sync with our purpose. 


Trust this is still a challenge for me, but I’ve gotten a lot better with learning to surrender and search for the good in everything. To help me with this I remind myself with daily affirmations every morning. Prior to getting these dope items from Tees In Trap, I was already affirming my wants to the universe aloud, but now I get to wear it as a reminder all day long. 


5 Daily Affirmations


Money Comes Easily & Frequently


I’m A Boss


I Am Successful


My Health Is Amazing


I Am Full of Love