First things first, I am Sebastien, but some know me as TheGayBestie. 

As anyone can imagine growing up gay wasn't easy, but eventually I went on a limb and decided to love myself. While some may say it's a choice, I like to think the only choice I ever made was honesty

Back in 2013, I birthed the genius idea to launch this here blog. I admit I had no clue what I was getting myself into. After 3 years of countless failed attempts and a job lay off I finally committed to the process. 

After learning to love myself through life lessons and embracing my adversities I only saw it fit to share the message on the online space. 

Here is where I offer an inside view of having a gay bestie. Expect to indulge in my life lessons, dating tips, personal style, and an occasional brand collaboration I consider to be dope. You can also catch me on YouTube and my weekly Podcast where I spill tea on all these categories with real life besties. 

If you really want to stalk me follow me on social media and let's connect! 

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